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Pooch poo pestering pedestrians


Both domesticated and stray dogs have been causing a public nuisance in the Capital as pooch poo litter streets.

Scenes of dogs crapping right in the middle of streets are common in the Valley where the cannie population is on the rise. In some places, pet owners openly dump plastic bags of dog poop posing a risk to public health and the environment.

“The city is stinking. The carelessness of pet owners is pestering others,” said Jeevan Paudel, a morning walker. “The

pet owners mustn’t allow their dogs to

foul on streets and alleyways. It is high

time for stakeholders to think of constructinga dog park.”

A conservative estimate shows the Kathmandu Valley saw around 15 percent increase in dog sales in  the last one year, according to Bishnu Poudel, sales manager at Mount Everest Kennel Club. Vets say dog muck is hazardous to the environment and can invite various zoonotic (animal) diseases. “Dogs are the victims of different internal parasites like roundworm, tapeworm, hookworms, whipworms and that might be transferred to the humans through pooch poo,” said Arjun Aryal, medical officer at Animal Hospital in Tripureshwor.

Dog mock is the major cause of Neurocysticercosis, a common parasitic neurological disease transmitted from dogs, pigs and other animals to humans. “Every year around four percent of people diagnosed with this disease die,” said Durga Dutta Joshi, director at National Zoonoses and Food Hygiene Research Centre. Pooch poo can be managed by taking it home and allowing dogs to foul at a specific place, say medical experts. “If dogs are trained to poop at a definite place for about 3-4 months they will comply with the same routine,” said Aryal.

Pet owners, however, have a good excuse to make. “Even the people shit on streets so dogs aren’t alone. If men stop defecating on streets, dog won’t be a problem,” said Ganesh Bhandari, a dog owner in Naxal.

Officials of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) say the best answer is being responsible. The problem is in the manner and attitude of city dwellers, said Rabin Man Shrestha, department chief of KMC’s environment section. Every dog owner should take the responsibility to keep the city clean by not letting their pets to foul on roads, he said.

Lately dog market is flourishing in the Valley. Data provided by Royal Kennel Club shows there are around 30 kennel clubs in the Capital. According to owners of kennel clubs, people like to keep dogs for various reasons including security, hobby, social prestige and refreshment. “People are even ready to pay up to Rs 300,000 for a dog depending on the breed,” said Poudel.

Published in the Kathmandu Post


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