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Natural museum elevation likely

JAN 18

The plan to elevate the status of Natural History Museum (NHM) to ‘National Natural Science Museum’ may bore fruit as Tribhuvan University is likely to loosen its purse strings.

The university will be give its all effort to include this mega plan worth around Rs 1 billion in its new master plan, said

TU Registrar Chandra Mani Paudel on Tuesday. TU is positive about giving its 200 ropani of land situated at Kiritpur to relocate NHM and convert it

into a museum of international standard.

In the wake of space crunch, the museum is hardly putting 5,000 species of flora and fauna on display out of about 55,000 species, prompting NHM

officials to come with the idea of relocating the museum on the sprawling land in Kirtipur. At present, NHM is having tough time keeping these important species in its overcrowded building on the Swayambhu Nath premises.

NHM has rare collections that can greatly benefit scientists, researchers, students and common people, said its chief Prof Keshav Shrestha. “This museum is collecting and preserving floral, faunal, geological and other natural species from different parts of the country and from Hindu Kush areas.”

NHM has been earning a pat on back by organising international seminars, presentations and giving training to researchers (mainly).

The museum has been giving vital research tips to students of various levels, including Master Degree, said Prof Karan Bahadur Shah, one of the members of NHM that boast 9,000 plant specimens—both non-flowering and flowering—and collection of 40,000 invertebrates and vertebrates besides around 6,000 other species.

Established in 1975, the museum has collection of extremely rare species of reptile, amphibians, mammals, birds, fish, insects, skeletons, fossils and animal carcasses, rocks and minerals as well as botanical and mycological species and a molar tooth of a primitive hominoid, Shivapithecus, said to be 8-10 millions years old.

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