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I left my sister to her school, came back bought some newspapers and headed towards my flat. I opened the door and entered in my room where my mother was cleaning and sweeping my room. I sat on the chair and opened the newspaper for news updates. As soon as I opened the paper my mother shouted at me in a voice amalgamated with harshness and politeness. I was surprised and looked at my mother’s face waiting something to be uttered. But she didn’t say anything rather doing her cleaning work. I gazed at her for a while expecting the previous voice. I again turned my head and brain towards the paper. But I couldn’t read a single word. Every word was fully blurred. My concentration was detached to a different state. I again tried to focus on the newspaper but I couldn’t. My mind could not resist against the amalgamated voice of my mom.

After a while I could not help myself to ask my mom what she said. But she didn’t reply. After sometime she was murmuring to herself a monologue. Now, again I was astonished. I went close to her without letting her notice that I am really listening to her. She was saying, “If I had a daughter she would have helped me in every single household work, but my son…… I think he has something in his mind which society has defined the difference between the work of man and a woman. I do everything, go to office do all the work the men do, and parallely do the entire household stuffs. Alas! My younger daughter is not old enough to understand all these things”. She was saying as if she was in some kind of pain and agony. She was meaning it internally and eternally. Rather a pain against the societal norms and values. These murmured words stood like an arrow of iron and piercing into my heart as eternal pain. My learned theories of human being the societal animals and most intelligent of all were shattered into pieces. The theory of equity of manhood and womanhood was questioned. The entire creation of God making the share hold as fifty percent men and fifty percent woman was inflated. The so called the great Men one way or the other outweighed the share of the creation.

God Created this world with great master plan but the manmade lifestyle and culture has out casted the woman from the society.

Though my mother is conscious of all her rights and freedom from her place, but something unconscious subtle voice has strikes her. With two drops of tears on her eyes, she was saying the words in a light manner as if nothing has happened. As if everyone is superconscious. These light words were heavy enough to shake the value which we carry.

But the words has mingled the faith towards equality and shaken the self-evident truth of a womanhood group in the society.

I was questioning myself what is wrong within me and thousands of me’s in the society. Is there wrong in carrying dual chromosome or wrong in having the testosterone hormone other than the progesterone? The question is am I ‘THE MAN’ am biologically unfit for my existence where my mother said such simple language with such heavy meaning.

Though the ancient thoughts and masters tried to create an equal world but now it’s different. Everything has changed. The man is fit the woman is fit but something hidden thoughts has created this kind of situation for thousands of mothers and sisters.



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