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English poetry timeline

Old English 449-1066 Middle English 1066-1485 Early Modern English 1485-1800 Renaissance 1485-1603 17th Century 1603-1667 Augustans 1667-1780 Present-day English 1800-present Romantics 1780-1830 Victorians 1833-1903 Georgians 1903-1920 Moderns 1920-1960 The Beat Generation 1950-1970 The Movement 1960-1980 Postmoderns 1980-till the present Advertisements

If You Think I Am A Hooligan

If you think I am a hooligan(socrates) Physically, I am a hooligan, mentally and physiologically, I am trying to become a hooligan: psycholgically please do not torture me; saying “you are a hooligan” it really detoriorates my mind. If you think I am an hooligan; its up to you, that is not me, I might … Continue reading