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Sports and Development

Sports parallel to development

Whatever is the developmental process about, without the consideration of games, it might not be fulfilled. The bliss of mind and the blossom of soul lie under the gaming patterns, which are relevant in the present day world and was in the past. Game culture always seeks life based on joy, educational values and fundamental ethical theory. Game is the philosophy of mind that balances the body and mind (soul). Sports create a harmonious environment and even create a place for enjoyment, and fusion of different cultures people. Gaming environment generates a place of cultural enthusiasm and intercultural sharing of ideologies. Through sports we can create international education, human development and peace.

When we focus on the historical background of the games or sports it might be hard to find the exact date when did the human race started to play games. But we can say that sports were being played since time immemorial. From the early stage of civilization to the present day of globalization and modernization sports have created its own identity and culture common to all which can be a perfect example of Meta culture. Since, the start of early civilization like Greek civilization they created a platform for sports called gymnasium. Even the Roman and Minoan civilization had the same pattern of the creation of gymnasium.

When we turn the chapters of history one of the greatest philosophers, Socrates also was a player of gymnasium hall where he was claimed as the prominent player all in the hall. The other philosopher after Plato was Aristotle who was also a great gymnastic player and was also the teacher of the great Alexander who once nearly ruled the world. Sports, and side by side they are the greatest philosophers of all time. So, the preface is that, by playing sports they made their body physically active and mentally alert which we can see them to be the greatest philosophers of all time.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s is credited by historians as the catalyst of educational reform in Europe that combined both the physical and cognitive training of children. Rousseau’s work inspired educational reformers in Germany, who opened schools known as ‘Philanthropinum’ in the late 1700s that featured a wide variety of outdoor activities, like sports and games; children from all economic strata were accepted. Rousseau is also claimed as one of the philosophers. We cannot say that only for the purpose of entertainment Rousseau opened schools for sports. We can see it from the educational development perspective. He saw a great positive impact of sports in the society and development of country so he also focused on the gaming activities.            The Napoleon history is also related to athelete and gymnast Freidrich Ludwig Jahn and followers who were suspected in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1813 in the Persian war. By 1815 student organizations such as the Burschenschaft (“Youth Branch”) were in favour of adopting a constitutional form of government, arming the citizenry, and instituting greater civil freedoms. This event of history can be claimed as the turning point for Napoleon Bonaparte strategy due to Jahn (founder of turnverein movement).

The other major historical event is the start of Olympic Games. “Founded mainly by writers, educators, scientists, and scholars, the Olympic Movement’s understanding of “culture” has shifted over the years among the fine-arts conception, the idea of general moral cultivation, and the anthropological understanding of total and distinctive ways of life”. So, by this movement in the revolution of sports the followers can be seen as the executive members of the country. This may be concluded that not only the ordinary people are influenced by the magic of sports but the highest members of the country are interested too. They are claimed as the highest category personnel of a country who help in the development and smooth governance of a country.

I want to relate this with by country, where every single entity is seen through politics as if without it nothing is possible to run smoothly. To some extent it is true but not cent percent. I am not saying the political advisors to be a sports player or go on the ground and play games all day round but they should refine their mind and start to prosper the games and sports which are good for any country for good governance. Due to politics even the game is being spoiled out and whoever is the member of any political party without seeing his/her capacity they prefer them for the international games. There is a bad culture setup in the Nepali politics where they aren’t focusing to the right people but to greater extent focusing to their identity formation and profit making for themselves rather than the country.


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