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Educational fair

Educational fair, an occasion mainly targeted to the students, where there is an interaction between the representative of mainly the foreign land with the students of the specific country about the colleges and universities and the courses provided by them. It can also be claimed as the educational talk between the delegate and the students.

There are many tenets whether these educational fair are necessary or of no use especially in the countries like Nepal. Nepal is a developing country and its educational sector is also in a swampy condition. It needs a lot of time to recover, due to lack of knowledge ideas, opinions, thoughts and the most important factor illiteracy. So, due to all these educational scarcity in my view I see no wrong of these kinds of educational events.

People think that these kind of educational fair is the main factor of the brain drain. I do agree but there are conditions to apply. Whoever comes in these educational fair should take an oath that, this is my country and I will come back after my studies and serve it. So, when this opinion becomes relevant and trustworthy than these fair make the students more communicative and creative. When they consult about the respective college and the university of abroad they will come to know what courses are provided by these institutions and the curriculum simultaneously. When students know about these then they may tally with the courses and the curricula provided by their university and their respective colleges and have the knowledge about the difference between the courses. This makes students more accurate and up to date. This also helps the teachers to change the teaching strategy and make the class more procreative and productive.

Educational fair may be the bird’s eye view of the colleges and universities provided by them to us. It can play a vital role as an entrance to the ocean of the studies, emphasizing abroad studies. According to Nirmala Mani Adhikary, professor, department of media studies, Kathmandu University claims that educational fair provides as whole information about the institutions taking part in the fair from a single event which may become fruitful to the students, and simultaneously these kind of fair provides a ingenuous analysis about the opportunities provided by the institutions. But parallely the students should be aware about the institutions they are consulting with. Jivesh Jha, Reporter, Bishwadeep weekly says that, there are some colleges and universities in India which come for educational fair in Nepal but are not recognized by UGC(university grants commission) and AICTE(All India Council for Technical Education). He even says that when the students get enrolled in these institutions than the future of Nepalese students will be overshadowed. Further he claims that these institutions are giving fake information and playing with the future of the students. Jha adds that overall the institution having throughout recognition serves to enhance the student’s critical ability and gives many options to lead their life.

I did a survey among the students of Kathmandu University. The question was that whether these kinds of educational fair increase the analytical power of the students or not. Majority of the students were positive towards the fair, some gave absolute disapproval and some students were in dilemma. The reason behind the students disapproval was nevertheless the disappearance of powerful visionary manpower to the foreign land. But when i talked about the oath that i have mentioned above they then agreed the statement of increment of the analytical power of the students by these fair. The only reason behind the brain drain in countries like Nepal is poverty and lack of opportunities.

Therefore, we can conclude that these kind of fair are useful for the conscious students which may be productive and informative just by roaming a single place. These fair stands positive and relevant in the countries like Nepal which may be a great help in prospering its own educational strategies and plans.


Alok Lamsal

Kathmandu University



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