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Eight stages of yoga Yoga practice forms a ladder leading to perfect knowledge. (1) Self-control (yama) involves truthfulness, abstinence, avoidance of theft, refusal of gifts, and not doing injury to living things. (2) Religious observance (niyama) embraces austerity, poverty, contentment, purification rites, recital of the Vedic hymns, and devoted reliance on the Supreme Being. (3) Postures (āsana), of … Continue reading

science hidden

Introduction As for my term paper I have chosen the topic ‘cultural perversion(science hidden) in Nepali culture and impact of globalization.’ For my paper to be readable I have taken an interview of cultural scholar and literary figure Tejeshwor Baby Gwanga. He is renowned figure in defining various culture of Nepal. Before entering to different … Continue reading

Sports and Development

Sports parallel to development Whatever is the developmental process about, without the consideration of games, it might not be fulfilled. The bliss of mind and the blossom of soul lie under the gaming patterns, which are relevant in the present day world and was in the past. Game culture always seeks life based on joy, … Continue reading

When love raised in me

After the love raised in me After the love raised in me, I went along the paved path and trees, Shouting and jumping beside the vale, Hatred was prisoned and I was free.   I saw beauty glittering all around, I honestly praised things I see. I saw deep in the glaring sun, Dancing and … Continue reading

Media System in Latin America

Latin America Media System Despite facing a variety of institutional and political challenges, as latin America media moved into the twenty-first century, they seemed poised to make considerable contributions to the wave of democratization breaking across the hemisphere (Tilson and Rockwell, 2004). Dubbed by some as a “Pink Tide”, the election of left-leaning leaders in … Continue reading

My first article(yes !)

Educational fair Educational fair, an occasion mainly targeted to the students, where there is an interaction between the representative of mainly the foreign land with the students of the specific country about the colleges and universities and the courses provided by them. It can also be claimed as the educational talk between the delegate and … Continue reading